Why is Discipline So Underrated?

Unless you’re into too much of motivational videos and quotes, it’s unlikely you’ve even thought about discipline in a long time.

Heck, answer it: When was the last time you thought about and ponder on discipline?

It’s fascinating that such an important attribute that critically influence happiness and success remains under-discussed and underrated.

Discipline is perhaps one of the most important aspects required to achieve all that we want.

And yet we barely think about it — let alone bring it into practice.

Oh, and there’s no such thing as “I am not disciplined”.

We’re all disciplined — we’re just disciplined in the wrong way to attract instant gratification.

It was discipline that created a habit of scrolling through social media feed at night even when very tired. It was disciplined that created a habit of sleeping till afternoon. It was discipline that nestled the interest of eating junk food every evening.

We’re disciplined. We’re just disciplined in the wrong way that focuses on quick gratification.

Do think on discipline.

Realize just how incredibly important it is for everything we want in life.

Find out how much and well you’re disciplined. And then figure out how to be disciplined to maximize productivity.

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