Respect Yourself (Don’t be an Obsessed Fan)

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Don’t go running to defend your favorite celebrity against that troll.

Don’t obsessively tweet about that celebrity like you have no life of your own.

Don’t revere everything they say.

Beyond a point, fan culture is toxic given it’s so emotionally manipulative.

And the fact that it has now mixed with politics, there are social and economic repercussions of that.

Whether you’re a fan of that real celebrity or any politician that postures as a celebrity — do follow them. Do love them.

But at the same time, respect yourself above all.

Respect your intelligence and existence.

Do not blindly believe everything they say. Use your brain.

Do not prejudicially defend them against allegations. Let them take their stand.

Do not let them take your hours every week. Have your own life.

Have your own life which supposedly should span beyond this person no matter how great they are and what kind of impact they have made in your life.

Sure, do have respect for them. Be inspired by them. Have the humility to acknowledge their impact on your life.

But in that process, do not disrespect yourself. You’re a person. You have a whole different and respectful existence. Don’t drag yourself like you’re enslaved by this person. Don’t act like a sheep in a herd that’s controlled by this person.

Stop fucking tweeting about them all the time. You’re more important in your life than them.

Be a person who loves them. Don’t be a toxic fan. Don’t make a fool of yourself and your existence.

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