A Note to the Recruiters

Be nice. This is more important today than ever.

You’re not their ex. Why do you ghost the applicants then?

Your company talks about ethics and values… Help us understand how ethical is it to leave an applicant hanging with “we’ll get back to you” when you know you’re not hiring that person?

Oh, by the way, why do you list a job with entry-level tag when you want applicants to have 3+ years of experience?

Also, we kinda know when you write “compensation: best in the industry”, the pay is bad. Why not just write the amount range and save your and others’ time?

We also know that when you write “salary no bar for the right candidate”, you’re going to make the intervieews feel less qualified for the role and then haggle down the salary. That’s not ethical, which your company speaks of, is it?

In these times, with millions of people jobless due to the pandemic and recession, a lot depends on you. You’ve had a fun run in a market where supply is more and demand low. But things are more critical now. So, for once, do your job properly!

Be prompt and honest in response. If possible, give constructive feedback. And understand that you can reject someone in a nice way; you don’t have to be rude.

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