A Love Note to Medium

Thank you for rewarding quality.

Blogging is much more than just writing.

In fact, the majority of it doesn’t even have to do anything with writing. It includes little about and more about how you can get people to hear . It’s tricky, tiring, and time-consuming…

But then came Medium.

A platform that pushes quality atop. ()

It has the audience as long as what you’re saying is good, meaningful, and resourceful.

What more, it even rewards the writers.


So, a writer or content creator or a storyteller can come, publish a great piece of content, build an audience, and get paid.


In fact, it’s so easy to publish on Medium, it is a part of the reason why I started daily blogging here 2 years back. (I took a few weeks off in the past couple of months though.).

The latest changes and improvements by Medium are incredible;

Flexibility in designing/personalizing profile and publication.

Option to build an email list on Publication. (Plans to import/export emails.)

Sick profile URL. ()

They are going to re-introduce custom domains.

More reliable distribution so the followers don’t miss your updates.

A complete ecosystem that favors writers and writers’ individual brand.

With all the changes they have made — and what they have planned — Medium could become a viable CMS. A free one. A CMS that doesn’t require any coding.

It favors quality. It pays to quality content. The custom domains would get equivalent SEO benefits.

Of course, there are a few irks. Like how Medium Partner Program is still not open to Indians; they didn’t let me claim ‘asif.medium.com’. Grr..

But in any case, it’s heartening to see a platform that truly caters to writers and bloggers and experts and storytellers. No spam, no ads. A great community that shares, reads, grows together.

So, this is a small love note to Medium for building a great platform… for introducing the latest changes… for being true to quality… for keeping the platform safe and shielded from spammers… for offering opportunities to passionate writers and bloggers and experts… For rewarding great ideas and opinions… For making life easier for creatives and content creators…

This is a small love note to Medium, Ev Williams, Medium Staff, and the entire team — Thank you.

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