Psst, Can You Pass This Message To Experts On LinkedIn?

We have at least one of “them” in our connections.

If they have never run a business and doesn’t have any work experience, calling self a business expert is not cool.

There’s a big difference between knowing what to do and knowing how to do. Everyone knows what to do — so stop telling what needs to be done. We know! “How” do we do that?!

Reading a few articles and watching a couple of videos is not enough to become an “expert” that others pay to.

Not everything has to have lessons. That’s cute they learned something from the wet paper towel. But it’s also cheesy. And stupid.

Formatting the posts properly and using emojis sure make reading easy. But those posts still do not hide their inexperience and lack of understanding.

Yes, it gets more likes and comments but stop being this corny.

Their “What do you think? Let me know in the comment” is pretty see-through. They just want more engagement and give zero fu$ks about others’ opinions. We get it! It’s shi$ty.

That’s cute they are ‘LinkedIn-is-not-Facebook’ warriors. But nobody gives a fuc$k. These are all communication platforms.

That LinkedIn headline may successfully fool others, but there’s a thing called self-worth and self-honesty; they can’t fool themselves.

Psst, you… yes, you…

Can you please pass this message to experts in your connections on LinkedIn if you see them across the next time?!

Thank you.

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