I Own My Employees

I pay them. I am the reason how they feed their family. I give them the money so they can afford to live a life. I control what they do 9 hours of the day. I can cut back their pay by pulling some idiotic company policy that nobody cared to read. I can demand them to work even when they are sick. I can be a di%k to them when they are performing badly. I can be an unappreciative, egotistical bi%ch when they do some good work. I can demand them to work extra hours, forget their family affairs, skip their meals. So, I basically own every one of my employees. Call it modern-day corporate slavery. It doesn’t matter. I pay them. And they must value that and obey every insecurity-driven tantrum I spill.

Yours humbly, per LinkedIn bio, a visionary leader.

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