Have a Great Idea? Don’t Wait for a Partner

Yes, it’s comforting and efficient to have a partner. But finding one such partner is far from easy.

When you’re trying to build or create something, this idea of ‘finding a partner’ is limited in scope. People can either come together organically based on the same passion and vision they have… Or you can attract the right people based on your actions and results. Finding an ideal partner is difficult. Mechanically, you might not find someone who matches your expectations; when you do, there might always be noticeable differences and conflicts.

If you have a great idea, don’t try to manually find a partner. If your path hasn’t naturally crossed with a person who’d be your partner in crime, the most reliable option here is to attract them. HOW? By walking a few miles alone; by acting; by achieving results.

When you’re walking and you have your action that outlines your resilience and ambitions, it would attract the right people automatically. Someone would approach you from the front. That could be the perfect partner.

So, don’t wait. If you don’t have a partner organically, don’t wait to find one. Work along alone. Heck, you might not even require a partner.

Waiting is a bad strategy. If you’re waiting aka not-acting aka giving excused because you don’t have anyone to support and work with you, you’re setting yourself up for a big loss and regret.

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