The Idea of Daily Blogging: Yay or Nay?

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If there’s anything that I dislike more than the “let’s-bash-the-millennial” culture, it’s the idea of having an online personal diary.

It feels juvenile. And let’s admit it: we aren’t living in 2005 anymore.

But then when weighing the pros and cons, daily blogging certainly sounds fascinating. And I’ve been toying around the topic for quite a bit now.

In the course of some research work, two names popped up: Seth Godin (been following him for years now) and Jonas Ellison.

Seth Godin needs no introduction. A prolific figure in the marketing world, the guy has been blogging every day for over 2 decades now. On November 6, 2017, he published his 7,000th post.

Seth has always encouraged people to blog regularly.

(Transcript taken from CJ Chilvers)

Jonas Ellison shares a similar thought. He has a Publication on Medium called ‘On Living’ (71k+ followers) where he blogs almost daily.

In one his posts titled “How one year of daily blogging changed my life”, which dates back to May 1, 2016, Jonas writes:

There are many people out there, of course, who claim to have gained a lot from daily blogging.

Honestly, we don’t even need to listen to others understand that blogging regularly is beneficial in many ways. It can be assumed quite safely that it’s extremely rewarding.

So… I am jumping in the bandwagon!

Now, I am not certain about the “daily” part — I’ve always struggled with inconsistencies and routine. But I do plan to stay “regular” and see how things pan out.

There are a few things I am hoping to achieve:

  • Have a disciplined routine
  • Be more productive (even when I am “not in the mood”)
  • Create a lot of awful contents to score a few golden ones once in a while
  • Process the ideas and thoughts clearly
  • Be held accountable
  • Bring fluency in my blogging style
  • Measure my growth
  • Get out of my head of “what will others think”

The blogs won’t be on what I did today or “I am sad because…”

The idea of having an online personal diary still repels me. ()

The regular notes and essays will be on… *we’ll see together!*

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