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I write life essays.
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If there’s anything that I dislike more than the “let’s-bash-the-millennial” culture, it’s the idea of having an online personal diary.

It feels juvenile. And let’s admit it: we aren’t living in 2005 anymore.

But then when weighing the pros and cons, daily blogging certainly sounds fascinating. …

Hello, Medium Shortform. Oh, how I loved you even you didn’t exist. Of course, people will complain about you in their 700-word “long” stories. Yes, some call ‘700 words’ long. They’ll complain despite the fact that they are free to publish long-form stories. Let them. Stay here. I’ve been a big fan all this while; even when everyone was blindly rallying behind longer-content; even when everyone would synonymize short-form content as poor quality; even when they would pack their 100-word ideas and opinions in 2,000-word articles. I am glad you’re here. Medium’s engineers may try to f#ck things up and remove you but I do hope you stay.

I pay them. I am the reason how they feed their family. I give them the money so they can afford to live a life. I control what they do 9 hours of the day. I can cut back their pay by pulling some idiotic company policy that nobody cared to read. I can demand them to work even when they are sick. I can be a di%k to them when they are performing badly. I can be an unappreciative, egotistical bi%ch when they do some good work. I can demand them to work extra hours, forget their family affairs, skip their meals. So, I basically own every one of my employees. Call it modern-day corporate slavery. It doesn’t matter. I pay them. And they must value that and obey every insecurity-driven tantrum I spill.

Yours humbly, per LinkedIn bio, a visionary leader.

Be nice. This is more important today than ever.

You’re not their ex. Why do you ghost the applicants then?

Your company talks about ethics and values… Help us understand how ethical is it to leave an applicant hanging with “we’ll get back to you” when you know you’re not hiring that person?

Oh, by the way, why do…

It’s much easier and realistic.

“We don’t remember the days, we remember the moments.”

If you recall your past, you won’t really remember the days. The moments are your memories. Your past is defined by little and big, sad and happy, strong and feeble moments.

In that context, when we get up in the morning…

We have at least one of “them” in our connections.

If they have never run a business and doesn’t have any work experience, calling self a business expert is not cool.

There’s a big difference between knowing what to do and knowing how to do. Everyone knows what to do — so stop telling what needs to be done. We…

Note: This is a corny and cliche post that you can do without reading.

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It hit me hard!

I’ve never really lived like I imagined I would. Always in a hopeful chase…

Once I get there… Once I have that… Once it happens… then I would live as I have always imagined… then, maybe, I could as I always imagined.

It happens with everyone…

Thank you for rewarding quality.

Blogging is much more than just writing.

In fact, the majority of it doesn’t even have to do anything with writing. It includes little about what you’re saying and more about how you can get people to hear what you’re saying. …

Companies are cutting back on their marketing budget. This means fewer opportunities for freelance writers. How to weather this storm?

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

We are now in one of the biggest global recessions in decades. Millions of jobs are already lost. Thousands of businesses have already shut.

In events like this, with no safety net, freelancers are usually more vulnerable. This is especially true for the freelance writers — whose supply seems to…

What we should do is empower the utopia

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

“It’s confusing, because it’s simultaneous utopia and dystopia.”

Perhaps people missed that part in the movie.

If not, they wouldn’t shun social media as a collective evil that’s meant to destroy their lives.

The Social Dilemma is an incredible documentary that will certainly play a pivot in how we talk…

Asif Ali

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